Friday, March 23, 2018

Glass Kitchen Countertops

Renovating your kitchen but still not sure what counter to choose? You’ve found the right place! At New York Glass Company we are always ready to help you in choosing the best glass option for you and are offering a lot of options!
As far as kitchens are concerned, there’s a seemingly endless amount of materials to choose from, making it possible to customize a space that truly reflects the personality of the homeowner. While classic materials such as granite and marble continue to reign supreme in more traditional spaces, we’re seeing metals, engineered stones, and even concrete make an appearance in more contemporary designs.

Glass, one of the most versatile and unique materials available, is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen as designers and homeowners embrace more imaginative designs.
Equally as durable and as easy to maintain as stone countertops
Whether the glass is translucent or colored, smooth, or embedded with texture, homeowners can combine glass countertops with other elements in the kitchen to make a big statement—think lighting installed beneath the counter for a backlit feel, or glass infused with bright color for an added artistic touch.

Backpainted Glass Countertop
Like other surfaces, glass kitchen countertops can be custom-designed to your specifications—without seams, with a contemporary finish, or used as an accent, such as a raised breakfast bar on an island. The benefit of glass is that the look is light-and-bright, airy and contemporary—a very different look from cold, hard stone surfaces.
Just contact us and we'll assist you in choosing your perfect glass item!


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