1. I need a quote for a 4 sided glass box with dimensions: 21"X22”X6.5". The top and bottom of the box are 1/4" thick and the side supports 1/2". The box will be a table top which sits on a 10” cube steel frame. Since this is furniture and it will be used as a coffee table (16.5” overall height), the glass needs to be tempered? Please advise, I am open to suggestions.
    The box is open on two sides to allow an artwork to be inserted and/or removed easily. Please see plexiglass prototype below.

    Thank you,


    PS. If you also work on welding and steel, please let me know. The base for the glass box are the same dimensions with1”X1” hollow welded steel and 10” high. The welds need to be smooth. Ultimately it will be spray painted so the finish needs to be nice and clean only.


  2. My company need a few huge glass and installation for apartment lobby. We would love to meet a representative of yours to further discuss the details. Please contact me asap if you are interested.

    Thank you,


    Manhattan View

  3. Dear Sir/madam
    I am planning to fix in one of the rooms in my house with floor to ceiling mirrors. For the purpose I am on the lookout for glass fabricators/installers in the New York City area that will perform the work in Bronx, NY. I would like to have the work done with 1/4" thick standard tempered mirror glass.
    I will be pleased to get a quote from your company for the same and two files are attached, one file shows the dimensions of the wall, including the position of pipes and other necessary cut-outs.

    An early response from your end will be highly appreciated.


  4. Please send me a quote for the following:

    Four 3/8" low iron tempered glass panels:
    2 panels @ 28" w x 53.5"
    2 panels @ 12" x 53.5"
    Machined polished edges
    Two hinge cutouts each panel for Sagatsune hinge J95-C24/0T (8 total)
    One 30mm diameter hole in bottom edge of each panel for Sagatsune Glass Door Cam Lock 1330GL-MK (4 total)

    Client will supply hardware - hinges and cam locks

    Delivery will be to NYC zip code 10021



  5. Please send me a quote for a 47 1/4" x 47 1/4" x 3/4" back painted glass (not sure which color yet - a milky blue). Finished edged. Best iron. For a table top, delivered and f.o.b. price. janetmaf@aol.com

  6. Jason with Continental Contractors working at the DT36 hotel at 341 W. 36th street and we have several glass rails along a staircase that we need to remove to perform work behind and then replace once the work is complete. You can reach me at 667-500-2958 or jcolvin@continentalcontractors.com

  7. Hello Rita,

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  8. Hi! I need to cut a mirror and install it to the front part of my wardrobe, the size is 46 cm X 191 cm. Is this something you could do for me? The location is Spruce Rd Jamestown, 1470.