Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blue Glass counter-tops and backsplash back-lit with custom LED light panels

Many people don’t think about glass when deciding on a countertop material but glass can be a showstopper when illuminated. 

Glass is extremely customizable in the way it’s textured, colored, and shaped. Since it’s so clear, illumination will bring out these features extremely well.

Be careful though that you engineer the countertop in a way that the light panel and LEDs can’t be seen through it.

This project  a visually striking feature for  kitchen counter top.

The combination of a custom shaped RGB LED light panel, backlighting a low iron, 2” thick textured glass, creates a stunning focal point in this modern kitchen. 

The glass feature is the center piece of additional LED lighting which is all operated through a Wi-Fi system that is controlled by the homeowner’s smart phone.


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