Monday, May 7, 2018

Treat Yourself to New Glass Shelves

The way you decorate your home says a lot about your personal tastes. It also impacts the way guests feel when they walk in your front door. Bare walls lack personality and make your home feel sterile. However, shelves create the opportunity to display objects proudly, to give your home more character and vigor.
Glass shelves, in particular, are a beautiful and versatile option to showcase artwork, pictures, and curios. New York Glass Company offers the custom glass services you need to create the new glass shelves you’re looking for. When you choose our team of glass professionals to fabricate custom tempered glass shelves, you can expect the whole package, including glass shelves brackets, for easy installation in any location you choose.

Wednesday, May 2, 2018

Glass Sliding Doors Commercial Type

In modern buildings, especially in offices, as well as in residential buildings, glass is replaced by such ordinary material, such as wood or plastic. Today, glass plays an important role as an element of the interior, because its functional and technological aspects are becoming increasingly important. For example, glass accessories are increasingly emphasized as an independent high-quality design element, and, therefore, glass fittings are expected to be more and more diverse. New York Glass Company offers various solutions for creating functional, visually attractive and reliable sliding door systems. We provide freedom in design and flexibility in planning.

Sliding doors significantly save space, they are elegant and modern. Made from glass, they are an ideal in the case when it is necessary to use daylight natural light and to meet the optical criteria. Thanks to the sliding doors, one room can fulfill a variety of requirements for execution and looks great in the constructions of any architectural type and offer                                                                            different options for use.

Glass sliding doors for offices have gained popularity relatively recently because before when most of the offices were equipped for the "office" principle, sliding doors of translucent materials were not needed. Now, this type of door is the most convenient for offices, as they are increasingly built on the principle of open space.

Sliding doors for the office are relevant in the office of the head, they are great for a meeting room or conference room. In addition, sliding doors can be installed where the swinging would take up too much valuable space because sliding doors do not require much space to open.

Designing, manufacturing and installing glass sliding doors for offices, shopping and entertainment establishments, as well as residential houses and apartments, is a specialization of the company. We produce glass designs with modern equipment. If you are interested in shower doors or mirrors use the link.