Saturday, March 31, 2018

Glass Table Top
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Glass Table Top

You may not believe it, but center tables are a trend again. When it comes to decorating a living room you cannot forget this important element that occupies the most important part of your living area. Or at least the most visible one (try to leave this area empty and you’ll see how everybody notices). And when it comes to choosing a center table, you’ll never be out of options. Since wooden center tables to contemporary coffee tables with glass covers or metallic elements, all the living room furniture choices are on you.

In order to help you find inspiration and ideas on choosing the best center table for your living room design, here is a list of 50 incredible center or coffee tables. Scroll down and see what center table will best suit your home decor style and taste.

Starting with a more relaxed and casual interior design, scroll down and find some coffee tables that will look amazing in your beach house.
Sit on the floor. A living space feels different — more easygoing and often more fun — when sitting on the floor is encouraged. A long, low coffee table is ideal for setting your drink on while lounging on the floor, and extra cushions, poufs or sheepskin pillows are essential for lounging in comfort.

Cut a table down to size. Before you give away an old table, consider whether you would use it if it were shorter. Or use an old trunk or ark, like this one above.
Style your coffee table. Go grab a tray, a few books with pretty covers, a small vase or candle, and a few small decorative objects. Place the tray on your coffee table or ottoman.
Center tables and coffee tables are those that we place in the living room in front of the sofa. We also place a stunning centerpiece on top of it while the lower portion usually bears other items like magazines and books. That is why homeowners would prefer to use center tables that have apt storage areas.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Glass Partition Wall

Glass Partition Wall   
   Glass has a very big advantage to create an illusion of space. Glass partition walls make a bold statement in homes and offices and give them a unique look. Commercial glass partition walls let in light and open up space, while still being soundproof and safe – perfect in office environments.
   The Glass Partition dividers are the dividers made of glass panels, some of them have soundproof and imperviousness to fire resistance features. The materials of the glass segment are the tempered glass or glass combined with different materials. At present, there is specifically manufactured glass variant that is planned to offer privacy.

Every glass wall project is a custom project. We will come out to measure your area, discuss your options in glass design and thickness, and provide you with a custom quote.
Our commercial glass partition walls can be used as:

    • Office dividers and walls
    • Conference room walls
    • Privacy walls
    • Mirrored walls
    • Retail sites and auto dealerships

Friday, March 23, 2018

Glass Kitchen Countertops

Renovating your kitchen but still not sure what counter to choose? You’ve found the right place! At New York Glass Company we are always ready to help you in choosing the best glass option for you and are offering a lot of options!
As far as kitchens are concerned, there’s a seemingly endless amount of materials to choose from, making it possible to customize a space that truly reflects the personality of the homeowner. While classic materials such as granite and marble continue to reign supreme in more traditional spaces, we’re seeing metals, engineered stones, and even concrete make an appearance in more contemporary designs.

Glass, one of the most versatile and unique materials available, is becoming more and more popular in the kitchen as designers and homeowners embrace more imaginative designs.
Equally as durable and as easy to maintain as stone countertops
Whether the glass is translucent or colored, smooth, or embedded with texture, homeowners can combine glass countertops with other elements in the kitchen to make a big statement—think lighting installed beneath the counter for a backlit feel, or glass infused with bright color for an added artistic touch.

Backpainted Glass Countertop
Like other surfaces, glass kitchen countertops can be custom-designed to your specifications—without seams, with a contemporary finish, or used as an accent, such as a raised breakfast bar on an island. The benefit of glass is that the look is light-and-bright, airy and contemporary—a very different look from cold, hard stone surfaces.
Just contact us and we'll assist you in choosing your perfect glass item!

Saturday, March 17, 2018

The best mirror for your bathroom
There is an endless number of ways to design a bathroom, from creating a layout to choosing colors and fixtures. When it comes to decor, mirrors are a necessity in the bathroom — but that doesn’t mean they have to be basic or lack style.Whether you’re looking to redecorate your entire bathroom or just want to update your style with an eye-catching piece, we have plenty of bathroom mirror ideas to get you inspired.
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Bathroom mirrors
Create a look that’s twice as stunning by duplicating the style two (or even three) times. This is most commonly done over double sinks, but multiple mirrors could be used over a long single-sink vanity as an alternative to one large mirror.

One of our favorite bathroom mirror ideas is choosing an unconventional shape is an easy and effective way to make a statement in any size or style bathroom. Many vintage styles offer interesting shapes and intricate designs. It’s the perfect way to add a statement piece to your bathroom without adding unnecessary accessories that clutter the room.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Glass Shelves

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Glass shelves blend with any decor and make a great accent for virtually any room in our homes and offices. NEW YORK GLASS COMPANY specializes in the manufacture and installation of custom-glass shelving.

Glass shelves make a wonderful addition to a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, bar, or office. Whether you want to add new bookshelves or shelf space inside a kitchen cabinet, glass shelves bring a touch of elegance to any room without crowding it - they even lend an illusion of increased size and depth to a space.

Glass shelves are less intrusive than wood or metal shelves. They allow light to pass through, leaving a glow on the translucent material. To magnify this effect, you can use special lighting from above or below the space depending on the look you are trying to achieve.

When ordering glass shelves, the following criteria are important to keep in mind:

Size of the glass shelf. The ability to cut glass into any size and shape truly opens the doors of design. Although your imagination and available space should dictate this criterion, there are some limitations which may depend on the support available for the shelf. For most glass shelves the size does not have to be millimeter perfect; in these instances you can measure the size, call it in for a quote, and place your order for pick up or delivery.

Thickness of the glass shelf. Thinner glass is used for smaller applications, whereas thicker glass is used for larger applications. The typical thickness of glass shelves ranges from 1/4", 3/8", 1/2", and 3/4".

Shape of the glass shelf. Depending on the size of your space, you can choose square, rectangle, oval or round. Just keep in mind that there is a limit to how far the glass shelves may extend from a supporting wall.

Edges of the glass shelves. Choose a simple, polished edge for a more traditional, elegant look, or a beveled edge for a more modern, futuristic style.

Tempered or not. In most instances glass shelves are made of flat sheets of glass; however, depending on the size and location of the glass shelf, safety can be an issue. In these cases, we can use tempered glass shelves.

Type of the glass shelves. Options include clear glass, frosted glass, rain glass, tinted glass, patterned glass, ultra-clear glass, bronze glass, gray glass, and more.

Hardware to hold the glass shelves. Hardware finishes to consider include chrome, brushed nickel, black, white, satin chrome, brass, and many more. 

Choosing the right finish is essential in ensuring coordination of the glass shelves with the rest of the space.

Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blue Glass counter-tops and backsplash back-lit with custom LED light panels

Many people don’t think about glass when deciding on a countertop material but glass can be a showstopper when illuminated. 

Glass is extremely customizable in the way it’s textured, colored, and shaped. Since it’s so clear, illumination will bring out these features extremely well.

Be careful though that you engineer the countertop in a way that the light panel and LEDs can’t be seen through it.

This project  a visually striking feature for  kitchen counter top.

The combination of a custom shaped RGB LED light panel, backlighting a low iron, 2” thick textured glass, creates a stunning focal point in this modern kitchen. 

The glass feature is the center piece of additional LED lighting which is all operated through a Wi-Fi system that is controlled by the homeowner’s smart phone.

Great option for Office - Glass Partition

Nowadays, glass partitions are getting more and more popular in commercial spaces - offices. It is a great variant which will create the look of uninterrupted space in an office.
Glass partitions are an excellent way to segregate a workplace whilst maintaining as much of the natural light transfer through a building as possible. They also allow for the division of the office environment in a way that maintains an overall feeling of space, unlike solid walls and partitioning, which provide for a more defined division and breakdown of a given area and block the transfer of natural light.
Glass Office Partition with Frosted Design 

Installed on high-quality and sleek hardware, the glass partition is rather sturdy and well fixed. The elegant design of the hardware makes the appearance of the glass partition airy and almost frameless. The tempered glass which is used for glass partitions guarantees a clear look and safety of the construction.
For privacy reasons you can choose frosted glass, which will make the space more private in a meantime, the area will remain bright and airy.

Do not hesitate to contact our team in order to get more information!