Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Glass Flooring

Glass flooring is a new concept that is gaining momentum among builders and home-owners. They provide the perfect mix of aesthetics and strength and brightens up tight spaces. 

Why do people choose Glass flooring?

Glass flooring add a touch of glamour to the building and gives a stunning elegance to the building.

Glass tiles are durable and are quite sturdy.

Glass is generally bacteria and dirt-resistant. They are moisture-resistant and hence they won’t gather mold. It is ideal for those who suffer from allergies.

Glass is environment-friendly and can be recycled.

Glass is impervious to water, and hence when spilled can be easily wiped-off.

Glass Flooring – Recommendations

Utmost care while installing glass is of great importance.

While installing glass flooring you should check for cracks. Adhesive tapes should be applied in case of cracks. There is also a chance of air getting inside the glass which will increase the chance of breakage.
Textured glass may be used to prevent skidding
Evaluate the amount of foot traffic in the particular space while going in for glass flooring. While used in top floors, glass flooring provide an amazing effect.
It will be a good idea to evaluate spaces in which glass could be used as a part of the flooring in addition to ceramic tiles to enable best of both worlds.


Glass floors are specifically engineered for safety and durability, adding structural soundness to an elegant look. Star hotels, restaurants, corporate headquarters, clubs and some private residences go for glass flooring to provide a stylish look. Another major reason for using glass floor is to make the area look bright and spacious. It can be used in a small office space not only as a design element but also as an energy saver, as glass can decrease the need for extra lighting. Glass bottomed pools in hotel terraces are an interesting emerging trend.

Type of glass used for flooring

Laminated glass is mainly used for flooring. In the laminated glass system, the glass shatters into less harmful fragments and these fragments are held safely in place by the lamination. The breakage in other glass will result in large sharp fragments. To conclude, laminated glass is one of the most ideal solutions for flooring.


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